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The Kurchatov Center for Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology (KCSRNT) is the first facility in Russia dedicated to the production and use of synchrotron radiation. The combination of specific properties of synchrotron radiation like high flux, collimation and polarization, temporal structure and a wide wavelength range from infrared to the hard X-rays makes the source a powerful tool for the research in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and micro and nanotechnology.

Alongside with the fundamental research in the various fields of science, special attention at KCSRNT will be given to:

  • structural diagnostics with subatomic resolution for designing of new materials with specific properties;
  • creation and study of organic and inorganic thin-film nanostructures and two-dimensional systems with the assigned parameters;
  • new methods of medical diagnostics;
  • development of the technology based on the use of deep X-ray lithography for optical, electromechanical, biomedical, technological and other problems;
  • precision chemical analysis for ecological researches.

The radiation source of the KCSRNT is optimal for the solution of such scientific and industrial problems and it has an essential advantage over the nuclear facilities used earlier for the scientific research and technologies, - it is ecologically safe.

The inauguration of the KCSRNT attracted attention of both the Russian scientists and the international synchrotron community. This attention displayed a growing interest all over the world to the possibilities opened to science and technology by using synchrotron radiation, and also to the importance of integration of the new member in the world network of synchrotron facilities to the international science.

The Kurchatov Center for Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology was founded within the structure of the RRC "Kurchatov Institute" for an effective utilization of the synchrotron radiation source. The mission of the Center consists in the association of a broad circle of the research institutes and organizations for providing of the synchrotron radiation source by the experimental equipment, development and realization of their scientific programs at the KCSRNT, and in creation of infrastructure for organizational and technical support of experimental work of the users. The leading scientific institutions of Russia are participating in the formation of the research program of the KCSRNT.

Kurchatov Center for Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology is open for cooperation in all the directions with potential users of synchrotron radiation, with the scientific and technical research institutes.

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Address: 1 Academic Kurchatov sq.,
Moscow, 123182, Russian Federation
RRC "Kurchatov Institute", KCSRNT
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